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Family Stories
When a baby is destined to die PDF Print E-mail

MSNBC STORY Please read this wonderful article on MSNBC about perinatal hospice and one family's journey through the birth of their child with trisomy 18.

When a baby is destined to die
Perinatal hospices support families with a terminal prenatal diagnosis

Not Compatible With Life PDF Print E-mail
Not Compatible with Life I would like to share with you one of the most wonderful and worthwhile experiences of my life: my little boy Daniel, who was prenatally diagnosed with trisomy 13 at 22 weeks gestation. My husband and I have experienced first-hand the many hard choices confronting those who receive a difficult prenatal diagnosis, and understand that in many cases, parents are asked to make these choices without accurate information or adequate emotional support. This needs to change. Please share this book with anyone you feel may benefit from reading it, and help to raise awareness of conditions like trisomy 13, and increase support and understanding for parents like us.

Download the book for free. (PDF 3.2MB)
You can also check out our new web site - Trisomy Oz Prenatal Support.

Kylie Sheffield (mum to Daniel 7.7.07 - 9.7.07)
Rowan Johanna's Legacy PDF Print E-mail

The Legacy of Rowan Johanna O'Flynn
December 17 - 18, 1999

It was the week before Christmas of 1999 when during a routine visit to my OB for a weekly checkup we discovered something was wrong.  I was in the final month of my pregnancy with our first child.  I was twenty-eight years old, my husband and I were newly married, and we were looking toward our future as though we were living a charmed life.

99 Balloons PDF Print E-mail
99 BalloonsAn amazing video story about the life of a precious little boy named Eliot who was born with Trisomy 18.  His father narrates this touching and incredible heartfelt story told in letters.  Check out the video.

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